This race is possible only because of numerous volunteers who give up their day to make the magic happen for the runners. We appreciate and are grateful for each of them. Remember to thank them when you are on the course.

Primary Sponsors

Lonn & Lynn Robertson

Commissioning and providing incredible artwork for the age group awards and financial contributions.



Providing course volunteers, financial support, and sponsoring entertainment from Samba Ja along the course.

Additional Sponsors

Time & Volunteers

  • Run Hub Northwest: Trailbridge Aid Station volunteers
  • Horse Creek Lodge
  • Eugene Mountain Rescue
  • Team RWB
  • The Upriver Community
  • McKenzie High School Bus Drivers
  • Eugene Physical Therapy

Goods & Services

  • Run Hub Northwest: Nutrition & hydration
  • SportHill: Swag
  • Alesong: Finisher’s beer
  • Claim 52: Beer
  • Coldfire: Beer
  • DeFunkify
  • Sterner Stuff: Web design and development

Financial Contributions

  • Run Hub Northwest
  • Frank and Zack Johnston
  • Eugene Physical Therapy
  • Eugene Foot & Ankle Clinic
  • Suulutaaq: In addition to supporting this event, Suulutaaq has done much to support and revive the Upriver community since they arrived to help rehabilitate the land after the Holiday Farm Fire in 2020

The Race Directors especially thank the following:

  • Our families and friends who graciously tolerated and supported our passion for making this event happen. We know this monumental feat could not have happened without your patience.
  • Phil Vaughn, RD of the event for 20 years before we took it over. Phil continues to graciously support our efforts and the race.