200 runners. 31 miles. 31 years. One river.

Welcome to the home of the McKenzie River Trail Run, Oregon's oldest ultra, run annually since 1988. Tracing a route along the beautiful McKenzie River, with two spectacular waterfalls, a lake so pristine it's called Clear Lake, lava flows, old growth forest, numerous log bridges and the aquamarine-colored Tamolitch pool where the the river flows from an underground lava tube, the McKenzie River Trail is one of the prettiest trails in America. The race offers runners a technically challenging course with only moderate elevation gains and the inspiration of some of Oregon's most breathtaking scenery.

Spaghetti Feed. Friday evening 7 September, from 5:00 p.m.

The McKenzie Community Track volunteers are excited about feeding us spaghetti on Friday night. Your $12 donation will get you the classic spaghetti plate and an amazing locally made fresh cobbler. Family and support people are welcome.


Beginning 2018 MRTR is making the bold move to go cupless. This does not mean there will not be any disposibles on site. It is our way of demanding you make an effort to provide your own durable vessles. This applies both during the race, as well as pre and post events.

Team Spirit

This little guy has been showing up more often this year. We don't have a name for him yet. Expect to be seeing more of him in the near future.

The Race

The McKenzie River Trail Run is scheduled for September 8, 2018.

Registration information, as well as a look back across the years, can be found here. Take a moment to get to know Oregon's most venerable ultra.

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It's not all about the numbers. But it's partly about the numbers.

Look here to find results from prior races. Browse all results or see course records by year, distance, and gender.

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The beautiful McKenzie River is what makes this trail special.

Find course maps, travel directions, and lodging information here.

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Connect with runners

Meet athletes from across the country via the McKenzie River Trail Run's facebook group. Also stay up to date on the very latest from the race directors.

Connect with the race directors

We are a new crew this year: Tim Hooton, Rachel Geissler, Todd Glender, Bill Sharp and Andrew Lardinois. Use this email: racedirector.mrtr@gmail.com

Connect with the webmaster

Tech is cool, when it works. See something broken or have a feature request? Go here to get in touch and get it fixed. Unless your published time is wrong: tell the race directors.