The Legend Of The Lost Runner

The McKenzie River Trail has all of the typical hazards of most trail runs: rocks and roots to trip over, slippery log bridges, an out and back section, etc.  We also have a couple of highway crossings, stinging bees, and a fair amount of lava sections with dicey footing and very sharp rocks on which to fall.   With this in mind, we ask that you:
  • Communicate with race officials or aid station volunteers if you are not starting the race, or if you are dropping out, or, especially, if you are having issues that might require medical attention.
    • If dropping out, do so only at an aid station and notify the aid station volunteers.  Volunteers can make sure you get back to the Track.
  • If you know that you can have severe reactions to bee stings, be sure to bring appropriate medication.
  • Pay special attention to the trail footing when running through the lava fields and next to the waterfalls.
  • Do not cross Highway 126 unless the course marshal gives you the go-ahead.   They are there for your safety.
  • Watch out for vehicles on the (temporary) detour forest road section upstream of Deer Creek.
  • If you step off the trail when “nature calls” during your race, leave something (i.e. hat, water bottle, gloves, etc) behind on the trail so the sweeps and other runners know you are behind a tree.

You may be wondering about the “Legend of the Lost Runner”. There is a legend about a trail runner in the 1970’s who never returned from a run on the trail while camping with his family at Paradise. The random knee high white post in the middle of the trail near the campground is a reminder for all trail runners to be safe out on the trail.