COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Hello friends,

The current status of our world is uncertain due to the COVID-19 virus, but we with the MRTR want to communicate that we will do everything in our power to stage this year’s race.  The US Forest Service has recently closed most trailheads in the local National Forests until September 30th, or until furthur noctice.  We are hopeful that the trails will be able to open prior to that date.

In the event that the Trail is not available on September 12th, we will look to postpone, possibly  into October. In addition, we will be looking at other alternatives, such as a virtual race.  Naturally, we will communicate any change in the race date as soon as possible, hopefully no later than June 1.

We are maintaining the August 1st drop date, with a 50% refund available up to that time.  In addition, at this time we are suspending registrations from those people that are currently on the wait list.   We will, however, maintain the existing wait list and will continue to add to it.

We will be changing our processes to minimize person to person contact at the aid stations, and at pre-race & post-race gatherings.  We anticipate that our aid station volunteers will not be directly handling any food items, but rather putting out small packaged items such as gel packs, spread out  to minimize runner to runner contact. Also, please think about how to self-support your run to the greatest extent possible, including nutrition and hydration needs. More details to come as the information on this pandemic evolves.

Stay healthy out there!  We need to band together and do what we can to take care of each other, and we’ll all get through this.   And keep on running!


MRTR Race Directors

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